The Virgo Necklace | Aquamarine Necklace


Fresh, pale green, rough cut aquamarines are clean, bright and polished - perfectly suited to this sign.

The Virgos I know are fastidious, intelligent, critical perfectionists - they know what they want (i.e. verything in life in its proper place and trajectory) and thank goodness they have the perseverance to achieve it. Virgo, I know you love to tinker with the little details, so I've made a piece so classic, symmetrical and minimalist that you can focus on fixing something else instead. This season's simple necklace is as neat, humble and enduring as you are.

◄Materials: aquamarine, raw brass.

◄Size: 17” / 43 cm with an additional 3” / 7.5 cm chain extension. Sits an inch below the collarbone.

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Additional Info

Please note that the crystals in your choker may differ slightly from what is pictured here in size, shape and clarity.