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The Pisces Necklace | Baroque pearl necklace


To all the sweet Pisces out there: this necklace was made with you in mind. Sensitive, romantic, and compassionate, one of your greatest strengths is how strongly you are able to feel, and the beautiful ways in which you share those feelings with those who are lucky to have your love.

But when your feelings wash over you, it can feel like you’re swept away with it all - like you’re out of control, like your needs and desires don’t matter when you’re at the mercy of greater patterns that you don’t understand. Remember, though, that like the waves, Pisces, all feelings will pass, and sometimes what washes up on the beach are oysters filled with tiny, luminescent pearls like these. 

In this necklace, I’ve drawn on the romantic and flowing nature of Pisces to create a classic yet bohemian design with brass and beautiful irregular pearls that’s all about movement, softness, and grace through it all.  This necklace can also be wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet (include a message at checkout if you want to wear it mostly as a bracelet if you would like to shorten the extension so it doesn’t dangle as much!)

◄Materials: Natural pink pearls, gold plated chain.
◄Length: 15” with an additional 3” chain extension.

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Pearl Pisces Astrology Necklace.jpeg
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Additional Info

Please note that each pearl is unique in size, colour, and shape, and because each necklace is made to order, you may receive a different necklace than the one pictured. However, the design is the same as what you see in the images here.