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The Gemini Necklace | Labradorite multi-way necklace


Gemini, the twins, have the same DNA but come into their own via their unique experiences. In the same way, the Gemini necklace interprets how context forces exploration and reinvention. Gemini, your bright and imaginative mind sees infinite possibilities in the ordinary, thinks in casual metaphors. You delight yourself by playing with words and concepts. There are few things you wouldn't try once before moving on to the next experience (we all see your short attention span and both love and hate you for it), but nevertheless, you are somehow also very good at doing a lot of things all at once.

What better stone to represent the airy, mutable sign of Gemini than labradorite? The labradorite stones here are grey in some lights, but when the angle of the light is right, you can see rainbows springing forwards. I’ve translated this quality into the construction of this necklace: instead of hiding the clasp, I've used one that mirrors the ring opposite it so the necklace can be worn "backwards". You can also wrap it around to create a choker, wear it as a long piece (great for taller folks!), or backwards with a low-back top. Gemini, I know you want to be everything at once - this necklace is a reminder that you can.

◄Materials: labradorite, plated chain.
◄Length: 31.5" / 80 cm. 2.5” / 5 cm long pendant.

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multi-way labradorite wrap necklace.jpg
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multi-way labradorite necklace.jpeg
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Additional Info

Please note that each labradorite stone will look slightly different from all the others, and may be lighter, darker, or flash a little more or less than what’s pictured here.