The Cancer Necklace | Lapis Lazuli and Raw Brass Lariat


It's your time, Cancer! For this season, I'm pleased to reveal a lapis lazuli and raw brass necklace inspired by the malleable, sensitive, and protective nature of this sign.

This piece features a lariat-style clasp that allows you to slide the length of the necklace to whatever fits the occasion. The blue lapis lazuli stones - like the sky speckled with clouds and stars, or rough currents - have long been considered a heavenly stone, fit for dreamers and mystics like you who possess a unique ability to empathize and understand what's underneath the surface of the water. Cancer, you seek a safe refuge for your sensitive nature, so that's why I've included a thick hoop for protection and a spear at the end of this piece.

I also want to acknowlege my  supporters’ suggestions that helped me make this piece. I'm so grateful for their input. See the quotes below for their ideas:

"Like really beautiful but can also be used as a weapon"

"Something that looks like tears"

"Malleable / cloudy / changing like water

Porous and intuitive bordering psychic abilities"

"Classic, structured"


◄Materials: raw brass, lapis lazuli
◄Length: ~ 29” / 72.5” (adjustable to any length as the clasp is sliding)

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Additional Info

Please note that each stones is different from another and the piece you receive will be one-of-a-kind.