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The Aries Necklace | Red Agate and Raw Brass Necklace


Ah, Aries! Thanks for making such a grand entrance on the shoulders of the Spring Equinox. For your season, I’ve designed a necklace that lets you carry around a little sun, inspired by all the things that you love to chase and be challenged by during these longer daylight hours. And although sometimes just doing the things that need to get done can get you burned, you always emerge from the fire newly polished, stronger and brighter than before. That’s why this piece ends in a red agate stone, polished to show off its complex, frank and spontaneous nature, just like your own.

◄Materials: Agate, raw brass. Please see last photo for colour variations that you may receive. 
◄Length: 23” / 59 cm with an additional 3” / 7.5 cm chain extension. Charm is 2.5” / 5 cm long.

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Agate and raw brass necklace.jpg
Aries necklace.jpg
Red agate and raw brass sun necklace.jpeg

Additional Info

Please note that each amethyst stone will look unique in size, colour, and clarity and may differ from the stones pictured. This is what sets your piece apart from any others.