VOLTA - double drop quartz lariat necklace

VOLTA - double drop quartz lariat necklace


VOLTA is a lariat-style necklace. A tiny quartz crystal hangs from a silver loop. Sometimes something simple is all you need.

◄Materials: quartz crystal, steel, alloy metal chain.
◄length: 17" / 43 cm; ~7" /18cm cm drop from hoop to lowest crystal

First crystal hangs 2" from collarbone. Second crystal hangs mid-chest on a 5"2 frame. Length can be requested. 

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Please keep in mind that each necklace will look unique, as each crystal featured shows natural variation. Small variations in colour, shape, clarity, natural flaws, and small facets may be present in your crystals. However, the design of the necklace will remain true to the images above.