TAYGETE - Gold wrapped quartz drop necklace

TAYGETE - Gold wrapped quartz drop necklace


Asymmetrically placed quartz points are wrapped securely in gold and drip to mid-chest. A stunning and versatile piece for everyday or a special occasion. 

◄Materials: copper chain, quartz
◄Necklace length: 16.8" / 42.5cm  (length can also be requested)
◄Drop length (including chain): ~  6" / 16 cm"

Please note that the side of crystals will vary according to variability. Sizing will be consistent throughout the necklace you receive, e.g. all smaller crystals will be used, or all average size crystals. 

Crystals average 1"/2.54 cm in length give or take 0.5"/1.25 cm. 

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