PEDRA DA MINA - crystal stud earrings

PEDRA DA MINA - crystal stud earrings


PEDRA DE MINA have just the right amount of unexpected delicacy. Tiny rough amethysts, citrine, or pyrite cubes shine from the earlobe.

◄Materials: amethyst (purple), pyrite (silver cubes), clear quartz, pink apatite, hematite (tiny dark grey rhombuses), rainbow quartz, blue titanium quartz

◄Nickel-free earring backs

◄Size: ~1.3cm x 1cm

crystal type:
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Please keep in mind that each set of earrings will look unique, as each crystal featured shows natural variation. Natural flaws and small facets make each necklace different and special! However, the overall design will remain true to the images above. 

This listing is for ONE pair of earrings.